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Online Reading

Online tarot readings are an effective and easy means of getting in touch with the wisdom of tarot cards .You can call me for a session or get your detailed reading through mail.I offer following services.

General  Reading- A general reading will give you an overall picture of your life as a whole. Discover your true nature and destiny by exploring your energies through cards .which   affect your thoughts, movement and beliefs.

Transit Readings - See what's being activated in your life now by the movement of the energies as they align with your life. Get an inside glimpse of how tarot  is directing your life.

Compatibility Readings - Discover the potentials for relationships of all kinds. Whether you are interested in romance, sibling or parent connections, learn where the strengths and weaknesses are so you can maneuver through the obstacles and experience more love!

Birthday Readings - Give yourself or a loved one the gift of enlightenment with a tarot birthday reading for the year ahead! A birthday reading can help you map out the year ahead and create a blueprint for success! Makes the perfect birthday present.

Psychic Readings- I customize each reading to align with your personal concerns, using the metaphysical tools at my command to create the most in depth, informative and enlightening reading possible. Combining astrology, tarot and clairvoyance, I can quickly get to the heart of the matter to identify the course and timing of future events as well as any blocks, fears, or outside influences that could come up and how to clear them.